Next ACDC meeting, Tuesday 11 December, Esperanza Morales-Lopez on “Ideological speeches in business contexts”, room TBA

Dear ACDC friends,

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday December 11th, 15:30-17:00, VU University Amsterdam, main building (room TBA)

We have the pleasure of welcoming Esperanza Morales-Lopez (University of A Coruna) , who will talk and discuss her work on ideological speeches in the business context of renewable energy. The focus is on discourse between the Spanish Association of Renewable Energy and multinational companies in the energy sector. She will talk about argumentative strategies of (de) legitimation and recontextualisation and illustrate the importance of elocutive resources, or cognitive frames that evoke emotion, since both convey intention and action simultaneously. A recent article is attached [in Spanish]. The presentation and discussion will be held in English. This promises to be another lively meeting about CDA ,conflict, cognition, discursive power and social action.

At our last meeting of 13th November we welcomed Dalia Gavriely-Nuri from Jerusalem, who gave a presentation on the normalization of war in Israel. In between 20 intifadas life is normal in many ways. The government tries to normalise war as an unavoidable necessity with emphasis on the cultural code of heroism and Dalia illustrated this with a study of 250 photographs from the national archives, applying a cultural-code approach for CDA. This illustrates the culturally embedded symbolism of heroism that is a powerful tool to communicate a controversial situation from a particular point of view. This led to a discussion on the use of visuals (photos) to normailise controversial situations of daily life in war and mask the human damage that comes with it. CCDA seems a useful paradigm to study visual information and links up with ‘hegemony’ (Laclau) and ‘epistemic communities’ (Van Dijk). The discussion concluded that the ‘Critical’ in CDA seems has the connotation of being reactionary and negative, whereas it is no different from other academic fields: inquisitive. Alternatively we could look at Positive Discourse Analysis of alternative, non-hegemonic discourses about human agency, human rights, quality of life and society, and how to establish them through dialogue and other participative processes of reaching consensus.

At this meeting we also welcomed two visiting BA scholars from the department of Anthropology who are doing research into change in the universities.

A full report on this meeting and the article that was discussed can be found on our website

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We hope to see you then,
Yours sincerely,

Bertie Kaal, Steve Oswald, Alan Cienki, and Nicolina Montesano Montessori
Your ACDC convenors

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