Next ACDC meeting, 4 April, Joyce Lamerichs on “Interactional dilemmas: Health-care professionals discussing traumatic experiences with children”,

Dear ACDC colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the next ACDC round table meeting. This time we will talk about health communication with traumatized children, with interesting video data to illustrate health workers’ dilemmas.

DATE: 4 April
TIME: 11:30-13:00
PLACE: in the Main Building of the VU, Room 12A42

Presenter: JOYCE LAMERICHS (VU, Communication and Information Science) will talk about a new project she is working on “Interactional dilemmas: Health-care professionals discussing traumatic experiences with children”.

She will show and discuss some video data that will also be interesting to gesture scholars. Further readings will follow a week before the meeting.

Also attached is the report on last month’s meeting with Jan Zienkowski, talking about Moroccans in Flanders and their articulations of selfhood in the Flemish context. All reports on our meetings can be found on the ACDC web site under Archive.

If you have not signed up yet, we urgently invite you to do so, and you will receive our regular news and announcements.

Very best regards,
The ACDC convenors
Bertie Kaal, Nicolina Montesano-Montessori, Alan Cienki and Steve Oswald

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