Next ACDC meeting + provisional programme for this fall

Dear ACDC friends,

The new academic year is about to begin and we hope you have all had an inspiring Summer for a fresh start.

Just before the Summer break ACDC has welcomed three new members to its organising team: Karen Verduyn (VU_FEWEB), Ida Sabelis (VU-FSW) and Joyce Lamerichs (VU-LET, Language & Communication). We have also established collaboration with the Migration and Diversity Center in the Faculty of Law at the VU.

ACDC is kicking off with a gathering on 5th September. Veronika Koller (Lancaster University) has been so kind to come over and give a presentation of her current work in the context of how CDA could contribute to an emancipatory research agenda in commercial and other institutional contexts. Veronika Koller is known for her critical work on gender, politics, organisational communication, health communication and metaphor studies. We welcome a broad audience, so please distribute the invitation.

To trigger the discussion she has added an Editorial Statement about the established Journal of Applied Linguistics’ new focus on Professional Practice that embodies the intricate relationship between language studies and social science (see attached). Please see the ACDC agenda below for the coming months, with prominent presenters covering a variety of domains of social impact.

  • Jan Blommaert and Fons van den Vijver
  • Robert Barsky 
  • Karen Verduyn and Nicolina Montesano Montessori
  • Andreas Musolff

Please sign up to our webs site for archives and updates.

We look forward to seeing you at the next ACDC meeting and please RSV if you intend to come by reply to this message.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Kind regards,
The ACDC convenors
Bertie Kaal, Alan Cienki, Joyce Lamerichs, Nicolina Montesano Montessori, Steve Oswald, Ida Sabelis and Karen Verduyn

1. ACDC INVITATION, 5 September 2013

  • Thursday 5 September: Veronika Koller
  • ‘Applying critical discourse analysis: Research and intervention in health communication’
  • Time 12:45-14:00 
  • Place: Main building Room 07A09

Veronika Koller writes: For 5 Sep, I would like to do the following:

In this presentation, I will first revisit the long-standing claim by many discourse analysts that CDA should contribute to emancipatory agendas and assess this aim against the impact that CDA has achieved beyond academia. I will then present some of my own work, done in both commercial and academic context, in which I have used the CDA framework to do research, communicate with research users and provide the potential for change within institutions as well as between institutions and their clients. My examples will be mostly from health communication in the public and third sectors, while work on the discourse of for–profit organisations, while not ruled out, is viewed less optimistically. I will close by outlining practical steps to taking CDA research beyond academia.

Preparatory reading (click on the link below, pdf):
Srikant Sarangi and Christopher N. Candlin (2010), Applied Linguistics and professional practice: Mapping a future agenda. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice 7(1), 1–9.

2. ACDC Programme until January 2014

5 September: Veronika Koller
Thursday 5 September 12:45-14:00 Room 07A09
Topic ‘Applying critical discourse analysis: Research and intervention in health communication’.

23 October: Jan Blommaert and Fons van den Vijver
Wed. 23 October, 12:00-13:30.
Topic: ‘Combining surveys and ethnographies in the study of rapid social change’

26 November: Robert Barsky, in collaboration with MDC
Tuesday, November 26 (time to be decided)
Topic (provisional): ‘Mapping migration discourses around the world’

17 December 13:00-14:30: Karen Verduyn and Nicolina Montesano Montessori
Tuesday, December 17th (time and place to be announced)
Topic (provisional): ‘The politics of world making in entrepreneurship’

8 January 2014: Andreas Musolff, in collaboration with the MetaphorLab
Wednesday January 8th (time and place to be announced)
Topic (provisional): ‘Metaphor use in a variety of political/discrimination contexts’

We welcome proposals of list members to present and discuss their work.

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1 Response to Next ACDC meeting + provisional programme for this fall

  1. says:

    Dear ACDC,
    I want to attend the seminar of Robert Barsky on 26th of Nov.
    Pls include me to your list of attendants.


    Sibel Ozasir Kacar
    VU University Amsterdam

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