Call for papers: Special issue of Critical Discourse Studies on the discourse of crisis and austerity

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Call for papers: Special issue of Critical Discourse Studies

The discourse of crisis and austerity: Critical analyses of business and economics across disciplines

Deadline for submissions: 1st May 2014

On 3rd and 4th September, 2013 Newcastle University hosted the following conference: The discourse of austerity: Critical analyses of business and economics across disciplines. This event brought together scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds across the social sciences, identifying significant common ground in the methodological and theoretical interests of critical approaches to discourse, business and economics with a specific focus on business and economics in the post-financial crisis ‘age of austerity’. The critical nature of these contributions often held shared concerns with ideology; in the textual representations, discursive practices and social impact of austerity in local, national and global contexts. Our key concern at this conference was to address how power, inequality and interests are brought into play through institutionalised language-practices and representations.

Subsequent to the success of this event, we are issuing an open call for papers for a special issue of Critical Discourse Studies. Whilst papers from the conference will be considered for publication, submissions are not restricted to those who attended.

This call for papers expands upon those contributions from the conference by welcoming authors to submit papers conducting discursive analyses of austerity and broader issues concerning the global financial crisis. Papers are not limited to any particular discipline but should be concerned with analyses of the discursive constructs and representations of economic, financial and business policies and practices in the pre- or post- financial crisis era.

Authors will come from areas including, but not limited to, journalism, business, strategy, management, media and cultural studies, and linguistics. The shared interests of papers will open the opportunity for inter-disciplinary thinking amongst economic and political contexts of crisis and austerity. Papers should deliver research and discursive analysis in areas including but not limited to:

  • Media coverage of the credit crunch, financial crisis and recession
  • Government policy and economic strategy
  • Corporate discourse in economic and social contexts
  • Discourses of the City and banking sector
  • Journalism, political economy and media ownership
  • Common crises, shared ethics: The future of business and/or journalism education
  • Language, discourse, and business/economics
  • Power and ideology during austerity
  • Public discourse and/or public opinion on economic policy
  • Discourses of the European Union, the Euro, and austerity
  • Business and taxation
  • Legal issues in global economics
  • Discourses of the free market, growth, globalisation and neo-liberalism
  • Counter-discourses of protest groups and social movements
  • Cross-national comparisons of the discourse of the finance crisis

We particularly welcome contributions which focus on the role of ideology: the unquestioned, accepted and inevitable (naturalised) role of ideology; how ideology impacts upon the political and economic environment of society; and the significant role ideology plays within the context of austerity. Due to the academic diversity of this project and prospective publication we feel that social, economic and political research will benefit from our continued efforts to bridge the previous distance between academic backgrounds that hold shared interests in the field of critical discourse studies. The synergy encouraged through this project has already provided opportunities to mobilise interdisciplinary research activities within and beyond Newcastle University.

Please submit full papers of no more than 8,000 words to by 1st May 2014.

Guest Editors:

  • Dr Darren Kelsey, Lecturer in Journalism and Discourse Studies, Newcastle University
  • Professor Andrea Whittle, Professor of Management and Organization Studies, Newcastle University
  • Professor Frank Mueller, Professor of Strategy & International Business, Newcastle University
  • Dr Majid KhosraviNik,Lecturer in Media and Discourse Studies, Newcastle University
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