Call for abstracts for a panel on ‘Political Struggle and Performative Rights’ at the Critical Legal Conference, 4-6 Sept.

Dear all,

Here’s a call for abstracts that might be of interest to you.

Best wishes,

Your ACDC convenors

Call-for-abstracts: Panel on Political Struggle and Performative Rights at Critical Legal Studies (Sussex, 4-6 September 2014)

Who would be interested in joining Louiza Odysseos ( and I, Anja Eleveld ( in putting together a panel (or two) on the stream/theme of ‘Political Struggle and Performative Rights’ which we hope to include within the Critical Legal Conference taking place at the University of Sussex (UK) on 4-6 September.

We are interested in exploring the suggestion, found amongst others in Zerilli’s (2005) and Zivi’s (2012) work, that the relationship between rights and democracy should be understood anew. In this stream, we hope to go beyond questions such as whether invoking rights is helpful at all for oppressed groups, or if they rather reconfirm relations of power. Instead, we want to invite papers keen to explore/critique/supplement how/whether rights claiming can be understood as a democratic practice that may open up the possibility for political engagement, demanding and reworking our ongoing political participation. Both theoretical and empirical explorations on political struggle and the perlocutionary dimension of rights claims, and related concerns, are very welcome.

We hope you might interested in starting up this conversation on struggle and (performative) rights. We are also keen to explore publication possibilities of the collected papers following the conference.

Anja Eleveld (

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