ACDC has had a great year 2013-2014, with a diverse pallet of guest presentations by:

  • Veronika Koller (Lancaster) 
  • Jan Bommaert and Fons van de Vijver (Tilburg University)
  • Robert Barsky (Vanderbilt University)
  • Karen Verduyn and Nicolina Montesano Montessori (VU)
  • Andreas Musolff (Un. Of East Anglia)
  • Beatriz Miranda Galarza (VU)
  • Laura Henderson (VU)
  • Roberto Franzosi (Emory University Atlanta), and 
  • Afrooz Rafiee (Radboud University)

Reports, data and readings of these meetings can be found in the archives, on

There is no meeting planned for June, so we will make a fresh start in the new year. 



CDA20+ Symposium*: The ACDC organisers and our partners at the UvA-ACLC research group have been organising the CDA20+ Symposium. This event will take place 8-9 September 2014. It is in honour of the five founders of CDA (Teun van Dijk, Gunther Kress, Theo van Leeuwen, Norman Fairclough and Ruth Wodak) who decided to further critical discourse research at a meeting in Amsterdam in 1992. All five will participate (again) to discuss past, present and future developments in CDA with 75 scholars from all over the world, representing three generations in critical studies across disciplines. 

The symposium aims to formulate new directions for critical discourse studies and analysis. It will facilitate discussions on ‘doing CDA’ with relevance to social change and social justice. An important topic at the meeting will be the future of universities and academia in general. 

The meeting is a closed meeting and almost all 80 places have been taken already. However, we are looking for some more volunteers (contact Bertie Kaal or Manon van der Laaken You can find further information on the CDA20+ website

If you would like to participate in the pre-Symposium forum discussions, please apply for login details from, with a brief motivation.

We welcome all ACDC list members to join in these forums to share insights and help set the agenda for the Symposium.


*We are grateful for generous support from the KNAW, the Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Economics and Business Studies at the VU, the Network Institute, ACLC at the UvA and several publishers. 

ACDC 2014-15: Due to the intensive Symposium organisation, the next ACDC meeting will be organised in October 2014. You are all welcome to join in again and we welcome suggestions for topics for upcoming meetings.

For a bit of fun over the Summer, don’t miss AC/DC’s cello version of Thunderstruck!!!


Wishing you a warm and relaxing Summer and looking forward to seeing you in the new academic year,

Kind regards,

The ACDC conveners: Bertie Kaal, Joyce Lamerichs, Nicolina Montesano Montessori, Steve Oswald, Ida Sabelis and Karen Verduyn

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