Next ACDC meeting, Mario Veen on “Actually reflecting or acting reflective?”, 20 November 2014, 15:00-16:30, VU 14A37

Dear colleagues/ACDC list members,

We warmly invite you to join our next meeting:

Title of the presentation: “Actually reflecting or acting reflective?”, Mario Veen (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)

In this talk I will examine philosophical and critical theoretical perspectives on ‘reflection’ to construct a new discourse of reflection in practice. Reflection leads to questioning assumptions about the world and oneself. I have been working on reflective practice in medical education applying reflection as a tool to improve one’s performance as a medical practitioner. I would like to show some concrete instances of such practice and examine its discursive structure. Examples will include video-recordings of GP residents engaging in collaborative reflective practice as well as cultural objects such as scenes from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Dostoevsky’s The Demons. I propose that medical education has not been asking the right questions (cf. Hays & Gay 2011) about the value of reflection and my question is what it really is/does and how it should be valued as a non-quantifiable skill in medical and other practices and training. I look forward to an open discussion on discourses of practice with a view to recontextualising and rearticulating the value of reflection.

Some questions to be discussed are:

  • What do we observe when people are reflecting?
  • How is the object of reflection determined?
  • Who determines the agenda of what should be the outcome of reflection?
  • If reflection is always embodied reflection, where is its ‘body’?
  • Which power relations are enacted in requiring another to reflect?

You may find the complete article and a supportive article in the archive section on our website

This event is organised in cooperation with the VU-ARTTIS Group (Amsterdam Research on Text and Talk in Institutional Settings).

Warm regards to all from the ACDC team

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