Next ACDC meeting, Marieke Venselaar on “Supply chain partnering in the construction industry”, 9 March 2015, VU HG 12A37, 15:30-17:00

Dear colleagues,

The ACDC group warmly invites you to join our next meeting. We welcome Marieke Venselaar (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences) who will present her current work on Supply Chain Partnering (SCP) in the Construction Industry. The ‘construction industry’ is a discourse domain in which SCP is a concept for managerial and/or social cooperation between clients, contractors and the construction industry.

  • Date: March 9, 2015
  • Time: 15:30-17:00
  • Place: VU-University, De Boelelaan 1101, 1081 HV Amsterdam
  • Room: HG-12A37 (main building)

Please RSVP to if you intend to come.

Marieke Venselaar (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences) will present and discuss her work on Supply Chain Partnering in the Construction Industry

Context of the study
Supply chain partnering (SCP) has increasingly been seen as an alternative for traditional procurement procedures between client and contractors within the construction industry. SCP represents a fundamental shift away from the harsh, tough and competitive character for which the construction industry is known. There is no unified understanding of SCP, although it is agreed that SCP includes a ‘long term collaboration between two or more organizations for the purpose of achieving specific objectives by maximizing the effectiveness of each participant’s resources’ (CII)*. However, how SCP is applied depends on local circumstances and therefore different forms of SCP have emerged. In research, it has been mostly considered a technical-managerial problem, while social aspects of the SCP were generally ignored. Venselaar’s research consists focuses on a dialogical approach in which she works together with floor professionals to discover social aspects of SCP.
In this talk, she will present:
1) a survey of the state-of-the-art of the research performd in SCP
2) An account of Marieke’s participative research with partners in the construction industry, and discussion.

We look forward to welcoming you,
Kind regards,
The ACDC organising team

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