The New Universities of The Netherlands: ACDC call for support


Dear ACDC fellows,

You may have heard of the student occupation of the Bungehuis in Amsterdam. Currently they occupy the famous Maagdenhuis, the administrative HQ of the University of Amsterdam that was the centre of student protest in 1969. Their action has launched a nation-wide awakening of protest and media attention across the Netherlands. With upcoming provincial elections we must seize the day and get all the support we can.

4th March National student action day
5th March Staff meetings at various universities (@ VU: 16:00 meeting point at the VU-bookstore).

First results of this action have been local, but not insignificant. In view of democratization, students and lecturers will have a representative in the Board and some of the cutbacks for the Humanities at the UvA will be delayed. However, the problems in our universities are more structural and not only local. The general motivation behind the action and the demands is discontent with the current management culture and its negative effects. Top-down, efficiency-oriented management damages the very soul of the university as a stronghold of independent, thoughtful, articulate and innovative research and education.

Read more on the website of the New Universities:

and sign the petition on:

The national organisation supporting and stimulating action is the Reform Dutch Universities Platform, H.NU

Here you can sign their manifesto (English translation

The ACDC Conveners

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