Call for papers, Papers in Language and Communication Studies, PiLaCS

Dear all,

You’ll find here [pdf] a call for papers for the 1st volume of the Papers in Language and Communication Studies, a new and original initiative launched at the University of East Anglia, which encourages publication of pre-print work. The deadline for submission is week 2 of the Autumn semester 2016. 

Below you will find a message from Chi-Hé, one of the editors.

With warm wishes,

Your ACDC convenors

Dear all,

I am writing to invite you to contribute to a new online ‘working papers’ series for UEA staff and students working on any aspect related to language and communication.

It is envisaged that this will be a forum for giving and receiving feedback on pre-print work. PGR students are particularly encouraged to contribute. Do note that this will not preclude the work being published elsewhere, and copyright will remain with the author under a Creative Commons licence.

Please find the call for papers attached, and do forward to any colleagues you think would be interested.

With all best wishes,

Chi-Hé (on behalf of the editing committee)

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