Phd Defense, Bertie Kaal, “Worldview and Social Practice. A discourse-space approach to political text analysis”.

Dear all,

Here at ACDC we are very happy to announce that our friend, colleague and ACDC co-founder Bertie Kaal will be defending her PhD thesis on 29 March 2017 at the VU University in Amsterdam! Below you will find a short description of her work. We wish her all the best for this very special moment and for the post-thesis life!

Your ACDC convenors


“Worldview and Social Practice. A discourse-­space approach to political text analysis”.


Worldview and Social Practice takes a cognitive-‐discourse approach to semantic analysis of worldview constructions along Space, Time and Attitude (STA) coordinates. It demonstrates how variations in STA schemas shape Dutch political parties’ worldviews and the rationale behind their election manifestos (2006, 2010). Results reveal a general trend towards a more conservative worldview system in The Netherlands that warrants more restrictive policies to ostensibly tighten security and increase stability. Variations in spatial schemas transcend the left-­right divide in party competition and call attention to party positioning on the progressive­‐conservative dimension from a cultural­‐cognitive perspective.

STA analysis makes a contribution to the transdisciplinary ambitions of Critical Discourse Studies to build bridges between linguistics, political science and sociology for a deeper understanding of diversity in social practices.

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