Amsterdam Summer School. Doing Research with Discourse Analysis: A discourse perspective on making sense of social change, 8-22 July 2017

Dear all,

Here’s an announcement from the organizers of the Amsterdam Summer School in Discourse analysis that we think might be of interest to you.

All our best wishes,

Your ACDC conveners


Amsterdam Summer School. Doing Research with Discourse Analysis: A discourse perspective on making sense of social change, 8-22 July 2017

Check out the programme and register now on Doing Research with Discourse Analysis (only a few places left!)

We offer a varied programme for MA and PhD students to practice advanced academic skills in transdisciplinary conceptual research design, including a discourse-analytic component.

Frameworks for integrating discourse-analytic methods in other methodologies are demonstrated and discussed with a view to sparking critical reasoning about research design and practice. We will focus on the study of language use from various perspectives in the understanding that communication is the mirror and motor of social interaction. Various methods will be demonstrated and discussed to get familiar with transdisciplinary research design.

Students are encouraged to participate actively. You are invited to bring in perspectives from your own cultural background and fields of interest so your input can be integrated in the discussions and assignments. In this way, you will learn to account for the choices you make in your research design.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and its Network Institute have a long tradition of fostering transdisciplinary research. The tutors on this course are closely associated with that effort, specialising in effective communication Amsterdam Research on Text and Talk in Institutional Settings (ARTTIS); critical discourse studies Amsterdam Critical Discourse Community (ACDC), teacher training and creative education; ethnography; institutional discourse; cognition and multimodal communication. Lecturers include senior lecturers and professors from the world’s leading centre for critical discourse studies at Lancaster University (UK)University of East Anglia and various faculties at the VU.

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