2020 Calls for papers

Dear all,

We’d like to share the following 2 calls for papers that will surely be of interest to you. Unfortunately, there is some overlap between the events, but both of them promise to be great ones!

  • CADAAD2020 (Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines), Huddesfiled, 7-9 July 2020
    Call for papers [pdf]
    The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Reconciling rigour and context in CDA’ and whilst we hope to receive abstracts across the usual wide range of topics and approaches, we are asking participants to engage with this general theme in the way that they present their research, both in the abstract and the presentation itself. This means in particular that the steps taken to get from data to results should be emphasised rather than taken for granted. We hope by this means to facilitate more discussion amongst seasoned participants about exactly how we go about our research and about the challenges we face in making sure our work is replicable as well as rigorous. By explicitly addressing the problems of methodology, we also aim to make the conference accessible for scholars new to the field, whether postgraduate research students or early career researchers. https://2020cadaad.wordpress.com/.


  • 14th International Conference on Organization Studies, Amsterdam, 8-10 July
    Call for papers [pdf]
    The 2020 conference theme is “Interstices, Intervals and Interrogations”. It invites us to focus on the in-betweens, enclaves and intersections – the times and spaces where we may find terse storytelling or extensive story-swapping, discursive struggles or silent scheming, serious joking or hilarious debate, affectionate shouting or underplayed mumbling, strategic bullshitting, fake news or hard-boiled facts. Furthermore, the concern with ‘inter’ in our title questions how linkages and liaisons are constructed across social, cultural, organizational, institutional or disciplinary, and empirical or academic divides.

With our best wishes,

Your ACDC convenors

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