Next ACDC meeting, Jeremy Holland on “Codification for the analysis of social movement discourse for critical text analysis”, 15 December 2014, 15:30-17:00, Bungehuis 015

Dear colleagues,

The ACDC group warmly invites you to join our next meeting which will be held at the University of Amsterdam for the first time.

  • Date: December 15, 2014
  • Time: 15:30-17:00
  • Place: University of Amsterdam, Bungehuis Room 015 (on the ground floor), Spuistraat 210, 1012VT Amsterdam

Please RSVP to if you intend to come.

Jeremy Holland (Lancaster University) will give a presentation on “Codification for the analysis of social movement discourse for critical text analysis”

Abstract: How can social constructivist theories, currently in use in much social movement theorizing, be utilized in a systematic, replicable manner for critical text analysis? How can a decisive, unique historical event be usefully quantified in order to provide generalizations about social movement organizations? This presentation seeks to answer such questions by providing a theoretical framework that combines constructivist categories (ethical norms, folklore narrative, utopian schemes, strategic planning, and role attribution) and CDA methodological tools (intertextuality, recontextualization) in order to make up a sociological structuralist approach. The main aim of this discourse approach is to reveal how ideological concepts move from major decisive texts (foundational documents) to subsequent framing efforts (collective action frames) on the part of movement elites. Basically, I would like to discuss the ins and outs of a theoretical framework for intertextual semantics, tracing meaning diachronically from text to frame. My research so far has focused on the student movement and New Left radicalization in the US in the 1960s, known as The Weatherman Movement. Attached is a paper on this topic. A sample text and a codebook design are available on archives.

We look forward to welcoming you on December 15th,

The ACDC Conveners,

Nicolina Montesano Montessori, Anne Bannink, Bertie Kaal, Joyce Lamerichs, Ida Sabelis, Steve Oswald, Jet van Dam van Isselt, Manon van der Laaken, and Karen Verduyn

Upcoming events:

In January 2015, Falk Ostermann, from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration (VU University) will present a paper on “Why the French went to war in Libya: self-constructions, democratic legacies, and Responsibility to Protect in foreign policy discourse”.

  • Date: January 15, 2015
  • Time: 15:30-17:00
  • Place: VU University, room to be announced.
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