Next ACDC meeting, Afrooz Rafiee on “A comparative analysis of child abuse news discourse in USA and Iran”, 26 May 2014, 15:30-17:00, VU 14A20

Dear ACDC followers,

Here’s the announcement for our next meeting, on 26th May.

  • DATE: Monday 26th May
  • TIME: 15:30-17:00
  • PLACE: VU University, Main Building, Room 14A20

You are very welcome to this discussion on tackling cross-cultural text analysis for cultural values.

Please respond if you intend to participate

The ACDC Organising Committee

Afrooz Rafiee:  A Comparative Analysis of Child Abuse News Discourse in the USA and IranConsidering Socio-Cultural Differences

In this talk I would like to present the outlines of my research project “A Comparative Analysis of Child Abuse News Discourse in the USA and Iran Considering Socio-Cultural Differences”. Crime news is typically influenced by cultural norms and I will therefore focus on crime news from the U.S. and Iran. The case of child-abuse news is particularly interesting, as it invokes news about taboo issues like sexual abuse.

Considering a variety of news texts my study looks at three related issues: news production, the discourse produced and the reception of such discourse by its readers. The news production study will be based on interviews with Iranian and American journalists, news writing style-guides, and differences in news discourses. The news texts will be analyzed based on Bell’s (1998 [1991]) discourse structure model (see attached),  and focussing on the five WH questions. The purpose is to find differences in which news value is considered more important in each society? The third part of the study involves the analysis of readers’ blog-comments following on-line news. We can discuss methods and some results from my first interviews with Iranian journalists and a hands-on data analysis of the discourse structure of U.S. and Iranian child abuse reports.

(Bell, A. 1998. The discourse structure of news stories. In Bell, A. and P. Garrett (Eds), Approaches to Media Discourse. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 138-160.)

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